Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wallflower 3

I worked all day in the studio today trying to finish up another Wallflower for the series. I'd love to have a show of them in May, so that means I should have at least 8 finished soon in order to have enough to call a "show." They take a lot of time to do, so in that respect I doubt I'll have enough time to get them all done. It's funny how their personalities change as I paint them. This one started out as a demure redhead, but the more I worked on her the more I knew she had to have blue-black hair. The tatoos came an hour later, like she asked for them or something! She reminds me of a very soft woman trying to show a hard edge, either to be 'hip' or just to protect herself. I don't know. Anyway, I'd love your comments and feedback. Tell me her story!

For newbies to my blog, the other Wallflowers are my "Lady in Red" post and my "Sprout" post. I can just imagine the energy in the room with all of them hanging out together!

Thanks for inspiring me to continue, and also for your wonderful feedback.
Acrylic on patterned card to enlarge


  1. I hope you make your goal to have eight Wallflowers. Her milky skin against that orange backdrop is striking, and the design on her blouse is gorgeous, especially when enlarged. I have to say I'm intrigued by the tattoo, what does it signify I'm wondering-cool touch.
    Fascinating piece Laurel!

  2. Laurel...she is perfect! I like your explanation, and think you've captured it well. And I love her hair...the color I always wanted. The tats are her only jewelry...nice touch. I hope you finish your 8 for your show!

  3. Thanks Hardwax! The tatoo doesn't signify anything. It's half of a mini rubber stamp I had on hand, sort of an Oriental fan design. I thought she needed a touch of black somewhere else so a friend and I thought of a partial tatoo showing through. I balanced it out with a band on her arm.
    Pam...yes, I guess the tatoos are her jewelry :) Thanks!


  5. Ummm, let's see.

    She is shy, complex, introspective.

    Maybe she struggles with self-esteem, hence the shyness.

    She wants companionship, but in a quiet and non-threatening environment.

    How's that?


  6. I like the overall look. But I think the band on her arm is too flat.And the tattoo is unnecessary or rather the two objects are redundant.Thanks for visiting and comments on my blog.

  7. This is beautiful! I can't wait to look at the rest of your blog!

  8. Laurel,

    I think you summed her up pretty well. It's very common for 'young folks' to adorn their bodies with an array of things. I often wonder what is behind it all. She has a soft confidence about her. I love the blouse and her demeanor. It's soothing and leaves one in wonderment. Gorgeous colors, too. Keep going with your goal of 8 and enjoy the process!


  9. beautiful! captures her mood nicely!

  10. I love this piece; the orange is wonderfully luminous!

  11. Laurel,
    The story I made up about the wallflower with two tatoos is that she is typical of some women who think of themselves as "too big" (large-boned.) Society insists they minimize themselves (not seen and not heard). However, this wallflower realizes her power and beauty and simply chooses to
    keep it to herself....or, keep it FOR, herself. And, yes, she is perfect!

  12. She's a little bit shy and a little bit tough. Nice physical espression and colours!

  13. Excellent technique and result! The colour scheme brings out the composition perfectly.