Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Intuitive Collaging

I have been mentoring my friend's daughter as she is making her way to Massachusetts College of Art so she can become an art therapist. One thing she loves doing is making intuitive collages with me.
The idea isn't to make a pretty picture, but rather select images, colors and patterns that resonate with your feelings on a gut level, put them together and see what story they tell.
These are my two from last night.

This top one speaks to me in a couple of different ways. One about evolution, and perhaps the other about ancestry or the circle of life.

This second one tells me that this person is clearly at a crossroads in his life. His posture may appear that all things seems lost or impossible, but the symbol of the bird with outstretched wings is a sign of hope, as well as the "all-knowing" eye in the sky. The building can mean a place or safety and respite, or even a church. This one really pulled me in as I created it.

It's so good to be back on the blogs! I hope to make at least weekly posts again.
Thanks for stopping by♥


  1. How wonderful! I love art therapy... what a great career to pursue. Thanks for sharing and love seeing the montage work. :)

  2. Lovely intuitive pieces, Laurel. I had never heard of intuitive art before. Did you move to the East Coast? Somehow I thought you were on the Northern California Coast.

  3. I love these sorts of collages - often when you simply sit with a magazine and flick through randomly it can be quite telling of your mood and thoughts ... what your eyes rest upon before you flick over to the next page. I must try and remember to tear out the pages next time and see what emerges... it has been a little while since I last pulled a collage together - thanks for the inspiration*!*