Saturday, November 17, 2012

2013 Calendars

As many of you know, each year I have desk calendars printed with a different image of my art for each month.
I have so much fun matching the image to the month!
This calendar has reproductions of my illustrations, paintings and collages.
Mim, guess who represents October? :)

Here's the link to my shop in case you're interested.

I'm only charging $5 above what they cost me, plus shipping. 

Sorry for the sales pitch! Tis the season :)


  1. hello ms pumpkin pi,

    i went to etsy and i returned a happy woman. not to mention a couple of people who are also going to be happy women.

    you made me think about wholesale prices. i wonder if any of your friends here know how to get these calendars printed for greater profit for you :^)

    love love

  2. I always love your art - heading over to your site to take a peek. I've been absent for awhile - just feeling overwhelmed with work and other things in life. I need to get back into art to feel better I think, but it's so hard to make the time.

  3. Hello ms pumpkin: are you having a good time? Did you eat pi?