Friday, June 08, 2012

Illustration Friday: Shiny

There's an old, old raven that resides in a Cypress grove high on a craggy cliff by the sea. Legend has it he used to be a man who owned a jewelry store and was fatally shot during a robbery. The thief got away with several rare Aquamarines worth a fortune. The jeweler's widow lived in poverty after his passing because they had no life insurance. The Aquamarines were what they were going to cash in for retirement, but with them stolen and the jeweler deceased there was nothing left.

Old man Raven made it his life's mission to stalk that thief and get every one of the gems back. Each year or special occasion he would deliver one of the reclaimed gems to his widow which afforded her a very comfortable life. However, the jeweler's widow would gladly give up herfortune if only to have her husband back. Something tells her he's still with her, even now. She just feels it. How fortunate to know that kind of love!

Acrylic, colored pencils, faux gem on patterned mat board . Click to enlarge. (The jewel didn't reproduce well)


  1. nice story and lovely colors in your painting.

  2. Beautiful painting and fascinating story.....and..that Aquamarine glows like a real stone to my eye!


    ♥ LS ♥

  3. Oh Lo!
    I love this! Your ravens are just amazing; they are lifelike~~I expect them to let out a caw at any moment.
    Beautiful illustration and words. :-)


  4. I love stories, and this one is excellent.
    Even more so this raven.
    Hard to decide which shines most,,,,,his eye or the jewel.
    Beautiful bird work, Lo!

  5. I love your stories ♥

    This one is a gem : love lives on, safely tucked into a love filled heart.

    As for old man raven: putting his skills to good work.


  6. Lovely Raven, lovely story. Happy weekend.xoxo

  7. Mmmm, I love the rich blues in this painting. You're so good with birds! I posted the etegami that was inspired by your photograph of the new hens on your friend's farm. Thank you for the inspiration! Here is the link:

  8. i love this story lo, from now on i'm going to look at raven's a little differently (and closely). such a pretty painting too!

  9. I knew you'd come on top with this one - wonderful

  10. Love this story! Short and sweet.

  11. Oh what a beautiful story..... sigh.
    You know I have been stumbling on ravens feathers often lately.
    Like they were a sign.............
    I picked up one and put on the raven painting of yours :)

    Have a aquamarine day :)

  12. Great story. And that jewel has an eye-like quality, which seems appropriate.

  13. I love this! We do not have Ravens close by anymore since we left nehind the craggy rocks and climbs of Exmoor and Dartmoor and I miss them so. I think you have captured their character so well both in words and paint.

  14. Woman you rock! Your connection with the raven/crow world is evident. So, would you mind asking the crows that "attack" my roof at dusk and dawn to please stop? :) I can always tell when the light is waxing as we near summer by the behavior (and number) of crows nearby.

    Happy day to ya!

  15. Don't know how I missed this one. I picked up a big rinestone off the sidewalk the other day. I felt very much Raven Like!
    Beautiful. Love your new header too.