Sunday, April 15, 2012

Illustration Friday: Puzzled

Okay, I know you've all done this.
You walk into a room and say WTF did I come in here for, and then you start a project which leads you to yet ANOTHER project which has absolutely NOTHING to do with why you went into that room to begin with!
Puzzled? Maybe. Aging process? Most definately!

This is an illustration I did in my Moleskine 4 years ago. I looked back and I know none of my current followers and friends have seen it, so here's an encore!
Acrylic paint and colored pencils and a wee bit of puzzlement ;)

I have had three glorious, soul-nourishing days off. Thank you, Universe!



  1. A familiar feeling you have depicted. I hope you have a great mini stacation.

  2. Oh yeah!
    I know that feeling....I *LIVE* in that moment all the time!
    But on the up side, I get my exercise running from room to room~~brain addled, but a lot of running.... <:-)


  3. i think she is the coolest woman! zany, bedazzled, and okay, forgetful. but does she look like she cares? no way, she is too into the moment to get bogged down by details. she'll find that frying pan sooner or later. if it's not in the kitchen, maybe it's in the bathroom closet.

    her teeth all by themselves confirm that that smile is the real deal

    good fun, lo. thanks!


  4. oh...and your fine art america slide show is delightful. plus i see some common magical places xoxo

  5. I thought she looked a little ditzy! and after the explanation it made even more sense - I feel that way sometimes too.

  6. ah lo, three days off. pure gold. yes to your picture, happens here too!

  7. Familiar? All too.
    I start to load the washer,,I go to the bedroom to get sheets. While there, I make the bed, dust the dresser, fold some clothes, look at some old pictures in a drawer.
    An hour later I go to put the clothes in the dryer, and discover I haven't even washed them yet.
    I think your excellent portrait must be me with my oh so sheep-ish grin.
    Love it!

  8. Beautiful! Lovely blog! I have just discovered you, and I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  9. Hahaha I know that feeling!!!! Happpens to me more than one time a day!
    I love the way this lady looks. It doesn't seem to bother her and that is ok!
    She looks so happy and has your eyes :)
    A nice piece dear!
    Glad you had 3 wonderful days. Hope that changed your batteries dear.
    I am off to Rotterdam now........

  10. One time I made coffee, set the coffee pot down to *do something else*.....returned to the kithen....NO COFFEE POT!
    I searched high and low - could not find it..... I was convinced it had been taken into another *Dimension* by *Aliens*! A few hours later I found it....inside the fridge!
    (Perhaps subconsciously I craved an Iced Coffee! A-ha-ha!)

    Love your red-haired *Ditz*....she looks truly real....

    It was wonderful catching up yesterday...those three days off were just what you needed!

    Love you!!!! Love you!

    ♥ LS ♥

  11. I love all the stories, especially Robins - we've all done these goofy things. But what fun would life be without these adventures? And I agree that she looks super happy and unconcerned - perhaps because she doesn't know that her dinner is burning on the stove

  12. yep, we all know this. but hey, to me that is how life flows and is natural and okay and also how creative things evolve.

    Robins coffee story is so funny. Me, I am still searching for my favorite pan lid which still hasnt turned up after weeks.

  13. What a lovely painting! Thank you for sharing this one. My husband and I have what we call the 'Jabberwock' moments. I guess we all do, this post made me smile!

  14. Okay, are you talking about me! LOL Yes, I think we all do this, some like myself maybe more often than I like to admit. You art is awesome, but it is this journal page that I really like. Your character is powerful and the brilliant colors truly grab you and take you right into the wording. Looking forward to following your artful journey. Come on over for a visit, who knows you may decide to follow me too.
    Have a great day! Your newest follower, Connie :)

  15. I do that ALL the time. I really like this illustration. She looks really really frustrated, and ready to tear her hair out, but determined to keep a smile on her face.

  16. Oh, I can SO relate to this! I do it just crossing the room!
    Adorable face on this page!

  17. thumbs up for that look and smile on her face :)

  18. Do it all the time - now I just laugh :)

    Happy Friday to ya! Hugs~~~~~~~

  19. I heard this referred to as CRAFT syndrome (Can't Remember A Fucking Thing.) I do it a lot.