Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Painter, Poetess and generous friend

I was recently gifted with an amazing piece of art created by my friend, Suki.
She is also a friend to many of my blogger and real life pals.
Today is a dark, rainy mess, but inside my house this amazing art glows!

Here I've lit a candle to get more of the gold to shine.
You can't imagine how beautiful this is in person!
Some of you have seen it, I know ;)

This is what normally resides here. A wonderful tree etching I found in an antique shoppe. Brian's Rhode Island red rooster. A favorite ceramic urn, a wrought iron art nouveau piece, and a sign that lets me know I am blessed every day.
But I just knew Suki's art had to have this space.
It belongs here.
And I don't need that sign to help me remember just how very blessed I am.
I already know.

Thank you, Suki. I am overwhelmed by your talent and your generous heart.  When I count my blessings, I count you twice.



  1. I am more than behind in visiting, but when I saw you got a gift from Suki...I had to stop and see...

    Oh, it is perfect, makes that wall come alive and the colors are lovely.

    And it is always more pleasure to have a friends gift to gaze upon...

  2. Indeed you are twice blessed Lo and so is Suki for her wonderful gift to you!!

    Ps, I miss your art!

  3. I've seen this and others in person and I understand why you are blown away--just gorgeous gorgeous .

    Suki is so multi-talented. Her fingers create magic and so do her words. I keep counting my blessings also, lo, for the talent and creativity that infuses my life.

    We lucky pucky ducks....


  4. Aaww, isn't that fabulous!
    It's gorgeous,,and looks as though it was created just for that space.
    So sweet of her to gift you with it.
    I also love your wall color,,,,my being a green person and all.

  5. OMG your header! it is a gem, maybe my favorite of all.

    g/nite dynamite


  6. OMG what a gorgeous wonderful piece of art that is!!!!!
    And I would recognize it as Suki's even without knowing who gave it to you!
    It is just more than lovely!
    And how sweet of her to give it to you, but maybe she knew it would be perfect in that exact spot! And that it would make you SO happy!
    You deserve the blessings coming your way dear (and more)

  7. thanks Lo. It does look like i made it on purpose just for that space.

    I love your header. Elephants are so special.

    be well, suki

  8. Lo, this is gorgeous! It is JUST LIKE Suki to give a fabulous gift to a good friend. This wall hanging DOES look like Suki created it just for you - and for this wall. It truly glows!

    Another chapter in this wonderful book of inspires, encourages and embraces us all.

    You, dear BS, are BLESSED!


    ♥ LS ♥

    p.s. I adore those candles....they are perfect next to the wall hanging!

    p.p.s. Suki....this is REALLY powerful!!!!♥♥

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  10. What a lovely gift from Suki. I love the gold in it. You found the perfect spot for it. I love your new header too..Wow..

  11. I knew you loved that piece - how lovely to see it every day.

    and your header - woohoo!! that is gorgeous.

    many xoxo's mim

  12. Change is good! I like Suki's painting here and the other pieces can go elsewhere around the house. Very pretty.

  13. What a sweet gesture and this really warms my heart. I'm amazed how you changed the look of that spot so well. I love what you did with the uplifting art from Suki.

    Embrace your day!! hugs...

  14. Oh Suki, it is so gorgeous, and so YOU. What would we all do without our Suki's visits and commenst on our blogs? And what a lovely place to hang it. Enjoy

  15. beautiful, the painting and your placement of it. how serene that space looks! enjoy lo! xxx

  16. Perfect spot for a beautiful painting.

  17. Lucky Laurel! You've picked the perfect spot for Suki's piece too!

  18. What a beautiful piece, Laurel, and a truly special gift. The location is perfect.