Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Okay, Andy Doodler tagged me again and I'm supposed to tell you 8 hopefully interesting things about me. I'm supposed to choose 8 more to follow, but I'll let you decide if you want to join in or not. I've already tagged enough of you! Here's my list, lame as it is.
1) I'm pretty shy for the most part. I don't think you can tell that from my blogs though. Maybe because there's a bit of anonymity here :)
2) I'm very self-critical. I really need to be kinder to myself. I would never treat another person like I treat myself. Hey, we all have demons.
3) I have paint on almost all of my clothes! I hardly ever dress nice because of it. I make the attempt to look good, but that darn paint shows up everywhere!
4) I'm an animal communicator. I'm fortunate enough to be able to be very still and quiet in order to help an animal through intuitive communication. I get quite distracted during regular meditation though. My mind is everywhere!
5) I can't bear to watch animal movies. They always upset me, even if the endings are happy.
6) Nature is my church and kindness is my religion.
7) I have a large bank the karma bank, that is! I'm always doing good deeds and not charging for my animal services even though I really need the money. I usually put my heart ahead of my financial needs. What goes around, comes around though. I'm very wealthy in my friends.
8) My mother wanted me to be a comedian! She'd always tell me how funny I was and that I should do it as a living. Other people have said that to me as well. They all drink too much.


  1. Laurel, this is fantastic! You really have a way with words and I adore all that you shared about yourself. Yes, I have the monkey mind, too. But, how lucky the world is, to have a person as kind and unselfish as yourself. I too, need to learn to be kinder to myself. Maybe you can pretend you are one of those animals you treat so kind.... Peace.

  2. Dang girl, I was going to tag you! Fellow communicator :), have loved all your comments on my blog.

  3. Your eight "interesting things" are funny and beautiful, so, I will steal yours, since I was tagged as well.8)

  4. Steal away, Hardwax! But I'm sure you could find more interesting bloggers to steal from ;) I'm still stumped by your last post...and what's up with Jack???

  5. had to chuckle... i have paint on all my clothes too. i had read that to buy scrubs was a good way to save your clothes. it is difficult to not use one's pants to absorb!

  6. You sound like such a sensitive and generous person! And who cares if you have paint on all your clothes, because it seems who you are as a person totally outshines the outward appearance of paint on clothes.

    I, too, am rather merciless toward myself. I am doing quite a number on myself this week. Thanks for the reminder to be easier on myself. It's no fun being around a critical person 24/7, especially if that critical person is yourself.

    My dog would love you! : ) She likes hugs more than treats anyday. She is usually a pretty good judge of a person's intent.

    - Kate

  7. this is the first blog I've ever seen or attempted to ad a comment to, but you just make we want to tell you how you really shine, Laurel

  8. whoops - I missed this-
    I'm very glad you are with us. Thank you truly.

    Can you spot me some karma?

  9. Andy...I have a feeling your karma account is quite full as well :)
    Thanks for the sweet comments.